Cycle Through All Open Windows on Your Mac using a Keyboard Shortcut

Today we continue with our theme of keyboard shortcuts but this time, we are working with open windows. If you wish to cycle through all open windows in all applications, use the ⌘ + F4 (Command key and F4) keystroke combination. This is different than using the ⌘ + Tab, which only cycles through open applications (not all of the open windows in each application).

If you wish to cycle through the open windows only in the active application (your open documents in Word or Pages for example), use the ⌘ + ~ (Command key and Tilde).

Navigate Menus Using Only Your Keyboard

You can easily navigate menus of most applications using your mouse, never having to have your hands leave the keyboard. To jump to the  menu, press the Control + F2 keyboard combination (if this doesn’t work, you may have to hold down the fn key on your keyboard). Once the  is highlighted, press […]


How to Display the Hidden Priority Field in Apple Mail

Apple’s e-mail application ( includes a hidden Priority field that you can add to your outgoing messages. From the Priority drop-down list (which doesn’t display by default), you can set your message importance to High Priority, Normal Priority or Low Priority. To display the Priority field, first click the drop-down list on the left side a new message […]


Setting Up Your Mac’s Firewall

If your Mac is constantly connected to the Internet, conceivably someone could hack into your computer and get into all sorts of mischief. While unlikely, it’s always best to protect yourself from such events so your Mac comes with a built-in Firewall* to protect your computer from attack, which is turned off by default. Most modern […]


Moving your accounting online

Today’s post will mainly be of interest to small business owners. If you use Quickbooks on your Mac or Windows and have been thinking about moving your accounting online, you’ll be pleased to know that Intuit offers an excellent online version of its software on the Web (much better than the Mac Desktop version, in […]