Track your steps with Pedometer++

Pedometer bar graph

If you’re someone who tracks their steps throughout the day in order to improve health, then you might want to check out the Pedometer++ App, created by David Smith & Cross Forward Consulting. What it does, is takes advantage of the step capabilities on your iPhone to keep track of your daily and weekly steps, and then display the results in an easy-to-read color-coded bar graph. The app will even track the number of floors climbed (iphone 6 or later). Once you set your step goal, the bars move from red, to orange, and finally to green as you approach your goal.

Swiping left or right allows you to view your historical data. Of course, in order to ensure the accuracy of your data, you’ll need to keep your phone with you whenever you engage in any walking or running activities. If you have an Apple Watch however, you can merge data from your watch and your iPhone, which allows the app to pull in data from your watch in addition to your phone. If you’re really serious about tracking your steps throughout the day, you can set the application badge to dynamically display your current step count.

Pedometer app settings

I’ve tested out quite a few health apps and this has become my app of choice. Pedometer++ is free on the App Store. If you want to remove the banner ad on the bottom of the screen, you can opt to leave the developer a tip: .99 (generous tip), 1.99 (massive Tip) or 4.99 (amazing tip).

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