Use the Get Info window in Mac OS X

The Info Window (also called the Get Info Window) displays detailed information about files and folders such as the size of the file or folder, location of the item, the date the item was created and the date the item was last modified.


To display the Info Window, select the item whose information you want to display and then select File > Get Info from the Finder menu.

In order to make the Info Window easier to navigate, the information is presented in categories such as General, Name & Extension, Open With and Sharing & Permission. The categories displayed depend on the type of item that is selected. To display information for a specific category, click on the gray right-pointing arrow (the disclosure or “flippy” triangle) to the left of the category name to expand the category.

The General category of the Info Window provides the following information:

  • Spotlight Comments – Allows you to add custom keywords by which Spotlight can search.
  • Kind – Specifies the type of file (.rtf, .tif, .doc, etc.). This line also tells you whether it is a folder, an application or an alias.
  • Size – Indicates the size of the file on the disk.
  • Where – Tells you where the file is located on your Hard Disk.
  • Created – Tells you the date and time the file was created.
  • Modified – Lists the date and time the file was last changed.
  • Label – Specifies whether a color label has been applied to the file. You can add a color label to the file here by clicking on the desired color.
  • Stationary Pad – Specifies whether the file is a Stationary Pad file.
  • Locked – If the locked checkbox is checked, this file is located and cannot be deleted.

In addition to displaying information about a file or folder, you can also change item information. For example, you can:

  • Lock a file so that it cannot be changed
  • Change the name of an item
  • Hide or show an item’s extension (identifies the type of file)
  • Apply a color label to the file
  • Specify the application that opens a file
  • Set access privileges to prevent unauthorized changes to items
  • Change the item’s icon
  • Change the application that is associated with a file type

To Display Information for a File or Folder

  1. Select the item whose information you would like to display.
  2. Select File > Get Info from the menu Or Press the Command + I keystroke combination
  3. To display specific category information, click the gray category arrow (the disclosure or “flippy” triangle) to expand the category.

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